Active Learning

Active Learning

Our holistic approach to education encompasses not only academic excellence but a well-rounded curriculum that balances core subjects with enriching activities in arts, music, sports, and technology

Expert Teacher

Expert Teacher

Our passionate and highly qualified team of educators is committed to fostering a love for learning in each and every student.

Strategi Location

Strategi Location

Our location is in 1/13, Gandhi Colony, Ranikuthi, Tollygunj, Kolkata 700040

Full Day Programs

Full Day Programs

In our full-day program, we strive to create a safe and supportive atmosphere that encourages curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.


Welcome To Kids Kinetics Preschool. We Believe That Every Child Deserves A Nurturing And Inspiring Environment To Explore, Learn And Grow. We Are A Vibrant And Inclusive School Dedicated To Providing An Exceptional Education For Children. Our Passionate And Highly Qualified Team Of Educators Is Committed To Fostering Love For Listening In Each And Every Student.


From Age 2 +

Playschool Program

Class Time : 8 : 00 am to 2:00 pm

We believe in providing the excellent education required for kids of this generation along with an emphasis on academic excellence in a caring community.

Till class VI

Primary Tutorials

Class Time :4:00 pm till 8:00 pm

We provide Primary tutorials for students up to Class VI to provide foundational knowledge and skills across various subjects. These tutorials aim to lay a strong educational foundation and foster a love for learning. It includes language arts, mathematics, Science, Computer Skills, and art & crafts.

For classes VII , VIII , IX and X.

Coaching Classes

Class Time : 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm

Coaching classes for classes VII, VIII, IX, and X are supplementary educational programs that aim to support students in their academic studies and exam preparations. These classes are typically conducted outside of regular school hours and provide additional instruction, guidance, and practice to help students excel in their studies. We emphasize Subject-specific coaching, Exam preparation, and conceptual clarity.

Why Choose KidsAcademy

Holistic Development

We emphasize a well-rounded education that focuses on the overall development of children, including cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and creative aspects.

Individualized attention

Offer small class sizes or low student-to-teacher ratios to ensure personalized attention for each child. This allows teachers to better understand and cater to the unique needs, interests, and learning styles of every student.

Experienced and qualified teachers

We have highly skilled and trained teachers who specialize in early childhood education. Their expertise in child development and instructional strategies ensures quality education and a supportive learning environment.

Play-based learning

We believe in a play-based learning approach that encourages hands-on exploration, imaginative play, and interactive activities. This approach helps children develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and social skills.

Focus on social skills

We place a strong emphasis on developing social skills and positive character traits. We teach children empathy, cooperation, respect, and self-confidence to help them build healthy relationships and navigate their emotions effectively.

Enrichment Programs

Offer additional enrichment programs such as music, art, physical education, foreign languages, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). These programs enhance children's overall development and provide opportunities for exploration and discovery.

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